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Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny Thumbnail

Photo: Victoria's Secret Ugh, bathing suit season. There's a reason why our "One-piece bathing suits that don't make you look like an old lady" Pinterest board is so popular this time of year, when we all spend too much time standing in front of full-length mirrors fretting about cellulite and flabby, pale skin. Even though [...]

Five Reasons Why Every Family Should Have a Dog Thumbnail

Last summer, we adopted a Rottweiler/German Shepherd. I wasn't raised with pets, but my husband always had a dog, and has wanted one for years. I fought him on it for awhile, thinking a dog would only add more work for me. Plus, not having been raised with dogs, I just didn't understand why it [...]

Motherhood Loves Company; The Magic of Mothers Groups Thumbnail

Shortly after announcing my intention to become a single mother, a friend of mine lent me a DVD of The Backup Plan, a far-fetched romantic comedy about a woman who made the same decision to go it alone, only to meet Mr. Right an hour after getting knocked up. Some of the best scenes in [...]

When I Came Home from the Spa with More Than I Had Bargained For Thumbnail

Back in November, when I celebrated my birthday, my husband purchased this really thoughtful and generous gift for me. A day at the spa with three luxurious treatments sounded so wonderful after the stress of our move and getting settled. (What mom needs an excuse for a little pampering, though?) The problem is, it's just [...]

Balancing Working from Home and a New Baby; Maybe I’ll Get it Right This Time Thumbnail

I was so bored, and I didn't expect to be. It was only five years ago, but I remember sitting in bed on weekday mornings, wondering what I could do to pass the time with my newborn son. I didn't want to go back to work full time, but I was in the beginning of [...]

DIY Chalkboard-Inspired Flip Flops Thumbnail

Sometimes, I get myself involved in a project that requires a whole bunch of new supplies---ones that I'll never, ever use again. Other times, I end up introducing myself to something that has endless applications. Take my Sharpie paint markers. I purchased them to make my daughter's birthday chalkboard (tutorial HERE), but everywhere I look, [...]

Third Time’s the Charm: My Can’t-Live-Without Pregnancy Tips and Tricks Thumbnail

Being that this is my third pregnancy, I really don't have too many luxuries. I don't think my husband actually knows I'm pregnant, and with two other kids to look after, I haven't had many moments to stop and relax. So, I have a list of things I treat myself to, so I can spoil [...]

6 Ways Texting Is Making Us Dumber, Lazier, and Ruder Thumbnail

Texting is certainly not going anywhere, as the quickest and most convenient way to communicate, especially for moms like me who struggle to find an occasion to talk on the phone without someone screaming in the background. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking texting is doing us any favors. It’s the curse of all written [...]

Can’t Get Enough of merelymothers? Come Behind the Scenes into Our Real Lives! Thumbnail

We have the best readers. We really do. These men and women (some are parents and some are not) are thoughtful, have lots to say, and have incredible and mindful opinions about parenting. "It's not about having guts! Waking up to comfort or feed your newborn is not cowardly. I'd say the reason letting your [...]

All Grown Up: HAIR! Thumbnail

All Grown Up: HAIR!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. We've reached a new milestone: "adult hair." Huh? The last time I took A to get her haircut, I brought her to my stylist, who told me that A's hair [...]