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The Very Best Way to Make New Mom Friends Thumbnail

Back in October, three months after our move, I was breaking down---truly depressed. I remember laying in bed one night, crying to my husband about how isolated I felt and questioning whether moving across the country had really been the best idea after all. I was feeling completely defeated after months of trying to make [...]

Frozen Quite Literally Ruined My Daughter’s Imaginary Play Thumbnail

“Mommy, will you play Frozen with me?" She has this pleading look in her eyes as she hands me the jump rope, an implement I’ve been instructed to use to capture her so many times before. “Why don’t we play something else?” I ask. “What about a pirate game? I’ll be Captain Hook and you [...]

Who’s Your Daddy? The Daunting Task of Choosing a Donor Thumbnail

Let’s face it, by the time I reached the decision to become a single mother by choice, I had become an expert at online dating—or at least an expert on reading and decoding guys’ online profiles. “I’m a bit of a geek” sounds cute but equates to “I have limited social skills outside of my [...]

Nice to See you, Third Trimester. Here we go again. Thumbnail

They say you forget a lot about childbirth. They say that if you didn't forget, you probably wouldn't go through it again. And I swear it's the same with the third trimester. I know that in the first trimester I'm going to be tired, maybe a little sick, but mostly exhausted. And in the second [...]

Mantle, Mantle on the Wall. You’re the Most Troublesome of Them All. Thumbnail

Have you ever had to decorate and redecorate and rework a space...over and over? That's what's been happening with our mantle. It was one of the first spaces I tackled when we moved into our new house over the summer. I thought I had the perfect piece of art to go above the fireplace, so I hung [...]

Kids Movie Review: Big Hero 6 Thumbnail

So, like most of the country, we've been home a few days in the last few weeks due to sickness. And for me, sick days = a movie. This week, we tried out Big Hero 6, which is the first PG movie my son has seen. I know this movie was released last year, but [...]

Our Sweet Little Gift to You Thumbnail

Sometimes we don't say it enough: I love you. But what I really mean is, we love you. Photo credit: Red Rose via photopin (license) We know that there are lots of other places you could spend your precious screen time, and the fact that you visit us here, at merelymothers, means so much. We also know [...]

Kids are on Airplanes. Sorry- (Not Sorry). Deal With It. Thumbnail

My daughter was so excited. She chose a light up princess backpack to take with her, (because what else is there when you're a two year old girl?) and I packed it with little surprises like Color Wonder markers, stickers, and a few of her favorite books and toys. She was walking in front of [...]

Cuddling Cupid and Making Peace with Mr. Right Thumbnail

With Valentine’s Day looming, one might think this single woman is sitting around reminiscing about dates of Valentines' past. And I have had some delightful ones: the dark and sweet Mr. Russell Stover, the rich, Vermont hippies Ben & Jerry. Sure, the memories linger on my lips...or is that hips? Regardless, my days of loathing [...]

Simple & Sweet | Valentine’s Day Crocheted Heart Necklace Thumbnail

With two young girls in the house, one of our favorite things around here is jewelry. The girls are almost always decked out in a collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. (I'm just waiting to hear their pleas for pierced ears!) With that fascination in mind, I wanted to make them something simple and sweet for [...]