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Betty the Talking Tote and a Giveaway Thumbnail

As we're sure you've noticed on Facebook (because you all follow us, right??), we have exciting things happening at merelymothers! First, we've got a fantastic back-to-school giveaway going (keep reading for details!). Second, we're introducing a new face: Betty! Well, not really a face, per se...more of a companion. We'll just let her speak for herself, as [...]

10 Simple Ways to Change Your Child’s Behavior Thumbnail

Do you ever feel like your child's behavior is way off-track? Like they're stuck repeating behaviors they know are totally against the rules. We've all been there. In recent weeks, I've been seeing some regression in A. That's to be expected, I know, since we're still transitioning to a new life in Texas, with a [...]

Five Reasons why Making Friends is just Like Dating…and One More Thumbnail

I take my friendships very seriously. I have a handful of super close friends, who I keep in touch with regularly, wherever I move. But every time we move, I have to start over. I meet lots of people, but finding women who I know will become friends, and others who will become great friends, [...]

Will You Be Our Newest Contributor? Merelymothers is Hiring! Thumbnail

Merelymothers is searching for the voice of a new mom: someone expecting their first baby, someone who has given birth to their first in the last few months, or someone who has newly adopted. We’re open to women of all ages, women who work and stay home. Our new writer will be a mom who: [...]

The Parenting *Mistake* I Make Every Day Thumbnail

My daughter is 19 months old. I still rock her to sleep every night. **** The first two weeks of my daughter's life, she didn't want to be put down. Not ever. Not during the day, and not during the evening. Sometimes, I could swaddle her for a nap, but generally, she would scream and [...]

A Happy & Healthy Back-to-School Thumbnail

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Del Monte, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DelMonteBTS  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV” One of the hardest things about being a SAHM and moving with two young kids in the house is creating new routines. You know, “places to go [...]

How I’m Creating Traditions With My Son Thumbnail

Lately I've been thinking a lot about traditions, partly because I'm starting a new project about traditionally brewed root beer, and partly because our family finds itself settling into a new country. Yes, I'm an immigrant now, and I've got a strong sense of that status, with American traditions sewn tightly into the fabric of [...]

I’m a Competitive Mom Thumbnail

"By invitation only." The words stare at me, taunting me. They are small, in italics, underneath a description of a gymnastic class for 5-6 year olds. My son just started taking gymnastics a few weeks ago, and he loves it. He's having so much fun, and learning to be more agile at the same time. [...]

Dance Classes Are Dangerous Thumbnail

They say parenting is about letting go of your own insecurities enough not to pass them on to your children. But what about protecting our kids from society’s insecurities? It seems to be a right of passage that, at some point, young girls become obsessed with dance. And we’re there. About a year ago, A [...]

Why I Tossed My Kids Toys Thumbnail

I have such a love/hate relationship with toys. I love seeing them on the shelves, nice and new, all tucked away in their boxes. I imagine how much my children will love the new doll, or rescue bot, or Octonaut accessory. We don't have many electronic toys, so I'm not tempted by those, but a [...]