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6 Ways Texting Is Making Us Dumber, Lazier, and Ruder Thumbnail

Texting is certainly not going anywhere, as the quickest and most convenient way to communicate, especially for moms like me who struggle to find an occasion to talk on the phone without someone screaming in the background. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking texting is doing us any favors. It’s the curse of all written [...]

Can’t Get Enough of merelymothers? Come Behind the Scenes into Our Real Lives! Thumbnail

We have the best readers. We really do. These men and women (some are parents and some are not) are thoughtful, have lots to say, and have incredible and mindful opinions about parenting. "It's not about having guts! Waking up to comfort or feed your newborn is not cowardly. I'd say the reason letting your [...]

All Grown Up: HAIR! Thumbnail

All Grown Up: HAIR!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. We've reached a new milestone: "adult hair." Huh? The last time I took A to get her haircut, I brought her to my stylist, who told me that A's hair [...]

I Just Took My Kids to Get Donuts… Thumbnail

As if I'm not emotional or hormonal enough lately, the universe keeps sending me signs that my kids are growing up way too fast and I need to relish every moment. Like the other day, I took my kids to the best donut shop we have in town. They make the donuts while you wait, [...]

Two-Week Torture: Surviving the Waiting Period (No Pun Intended) Thumbnail

As with any new adventure in life, this journey toward single motherhood is teaching me a lot about myself. And I’m not talking about my biology, though I've certainly spent more time examining signs of fertility than I ever cared to. Nope, I’m talking about the stuff you can’t measure quantitatively. In this case, patience. [...]

Vlog #2: Why a Kids Book Published During WWII Still Makes the Cut Thumbnail

Some things are just awesome, no matter how old they become, and our latest kids book recommendation is no exception. Tune in here:   You can find Jenny and the Cat Club, as well as Esther Averill's other Jenny Linsky stories, on Amazon.com. Thanks for supporting merelymothers through our affiliate links! // Amazon.com Widgets Learn [...]

Our First Ever Online Class! Thumbnail

With one post, in one day, we instantly saw our readership increase by 3,200%. Now, it's your turn to have the same success...with a little help from us. If you're a blogger or know someone who's waiting for their big break (or you're just curious), read on and join us! Do you watch with a [...]

My Top Five Fears as the Countdown to our Third Baby Begins Thumbnail

It's the final countdown...six more weeks to go. Yesterday, I was sitting at my son's gymnastics practice, talking to a friend who's due with her third baby next week. The conversation was so different from what a first time mother may talk about with another pregnant friend. I know this is a stupid fear to [...]

5 Ways “The Giving Tree” Kind of Sucks Thumbnail

As a child, I remember reading Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree and feeling like I was supposed to like it, even though something just seemed…off. Now, as an adult, it’s clear to me what didn’t sit quite right with me in my youth. This book kind of sucks! And here’s why. Don’t you just L.O.V.E. a good [...]

I Don’t Forgive Some of Them. Thumbnail

I don't forgive them. I forgive some of them, of course, the ones who were young, who didn't know any better. Some of them I'm friends with today. We've all moved past it. But there are others who were old enough to know better. Who were unnecessarily cruel. Who I don't talk to in my [...]