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DIY Birthday Chalkboard Thumbnail

One of my favorite Pinterest/Etsy trends right now is the birthday chalkboard. For A's third birthday last year, I decided I'd try my hand at making one. The result was really adorable, and A LOVED it! Since then, I've made a couple other chalkboards. They're a little time-consuming, but I've loved putting them on display [...]

When You Don’t Know What to Do: A Unconventional Behavior Strategy Thumbnail

Everyone gets to a point in parenting where they just don't know what to do. And I'm there with my three year old. Don't get me wrong, he can be awesome. Helpful. Sweet. Adorable. But he is testing me. Attitude. Disrespect. Not listening. And I am stumped on how to handle it. I've tried negotiation, [...]

Moms Aren’t the Only Ones Thinking about Fashion: A Dad’s Perspective Thumbnail

It's easy to lose yourself while parenting. There's no denying your priorities shift quickly, right from the first day of the job, and those priorities surely don't shift toward self-interest. The kids are everything. But what about us? The parents. Aren't we still something? As I see it, if you want to be everything to [...]

Trying Something New Thumbnail

Trying Something New

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom to Mom. I’ve noticed I have certain ways I like to do things in my role as a mom, and I’m not always open to change or “helpful suggestions.” I see it when my husband is home on the weekends. I frequently have [...]

It’s Autism Awareness Month Thumbnail

Image Source The first day I met JJ*, he was doing running jumps into the pool where I was lifeguarding. I told him multiple times that this was an unsafe behavior, and against the rules of the pool. I told him he needed to stop. He continued to do it. I wondered why he wasn't [...]

Fashion Friday! Spring on the Skirts! Thumbnail

Skirts are probably my favorite item of clothing. If I HAD to pick just one, that is. And while I wear skirts year round, I am of the opinion that spring and summer are prime skirt season. As spring begins to hit its stride and summer gets closer, it's high time to consider the power [...]

7 Easy Ways to Ruin a Stay-at-home Mom’s Day Thumbnail

So maybe I'm a little grouchy this week. It's been a long, tough week. One that got me thinking about the things that can just take the wind right out of a stay-at-home mom's sails at the start of what should be a great day. I know, technically, we "stay at home," but really we [...]

Are you Good at “Down Time” with Your Kids? Thumbnail

This past month or so, without my core group of friends by my side, I've really been noticing how I do things with my kids. Without the influence of lots of friends around me, I've been making more independent decisions about what I do and how I spend my day with my children. But I'm [...]

A Virtual Time Capsule Thumbnail

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Is that why the years of our children’s lives slip through our fingers? The first year of A’s life didn’t actually seem to go as fast to me. Maybe because the first baby is such an adjustment, never mind becoming a SAHM at the same time. But [...]

I’m a “Hands-off” Parent. Are you? Thumbnail

Last week Noodle and I met a new friend at the skate park. This little boy was just learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels, and Noodle, a budding daredevil, was keen to provide his own form of enthusiasm and encouragement. The two kids bantered and howled and made siren screams. “C'mon! Do this!” [...]