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1 Quick & Cheap Beauty Item That’ll Transform Your Look for the Holidays Thumbnail

I didn't really get makeup until I went off to college, or more specifically, until I visited the Sephora store in Times Square. That place is a beauty mecca! I immediately wanted one of everything. But one of the first things I actually bought with my precious spending money was a holiday lip palette that included [...]

Some Things I’ll Miss From My Years As A Stay-At-Home-Dad Thumbnail

It is with regret that I announce the end of my tenure as stay-at-home dad. This has not been entirely my decision. In fact, it's nobody's decision. It's simply what happens as we get older – as my son gets older really. In two months he will turn five. Where we live, New Zealand, kids [...]

Ten Ways my Third Pregnancy is Different from my First Thumbnail

In 20 weeks, I'll be welcoming my third child into our family. We are thrilled. But this time, everything is different. It can't, even if I wanted it to! I have two little children who need me, a house, a dog, a husband, and school. I try to make it to yoga once a week, [...]

What My Kids Know about Ferguson, and Why Thumbnail

I’m learning that there are some things it’s just not worth sheltering a child from, because try as you might, those things will find you...and that might not be the worst thing, anyway. Not long ago, my family enjoyed its first trip to the Galleria, the big fancy schmancy mall in Houston. We wanted to snap [...]

No Child Left Behind Has Taken Childhood Thumbnail

Image Source Do you have a three or four year old? Are they enrolled in preschool? If not, you should enroll them. Like yesterday. I was not the mom who was drilling my three year old with flash cards or spending time each day learning letters. If he had been interested, we probably would've played [...]

My First Night Out Without Baby Thumbnail

We checked a big “first” off our list this past weekend. It is with great pride that I can finally say that we left our son home with someone of absolutely no blood relation to us for an evening out. It was exhilarating and just a teeny tiny bit terrifying. In his ten months of [...]

DIY Christmas Wreath Knot Pillow Thumbnail

Not long ago, I spotted this fantastic knot pillow on Pinterest: Source I figured it was something I could probably make, so I started searching Pinterest for "DIY knot pillows" and came upon this one shaped like a wreath. Then, a lightbulb went on in my head, and I knew I needed a Christmas wreath knot [...]

5 Ways Parenting is the Ultimate DIY Project Thumbnail

We moved recently and of course that means home improvement, which in turn means the inevitable million trips to a giant home improvement warehouse. I was walking through, lost and puzzled but bursting with confidence---no sir, I do not require assistance. I've got this. Then it occurred to me: this is a microcosm of my [...]

Holiday Giveaway: Our Favorite Things! Thumbnail

That's why, as a special thank you to our readers, we've collected a package full of our favorite things (valued at $250) to send to one of you! These are a few of our favorite things A handmade merelymothers tote bag, which we know you'll proudly carry ALL around town! $100 Petite Lemon gift card, [...]

My Response to Yours…Ten Things About Military Wives Continues Thumbnail

There was resentment. There was bitterness. There were insults, name calling, generalizations, and discussions about topics like pay, status symbols, and who has a harder life; who makes the bigger sacrifices. No, I'm not talking about the "mommy wars." I'm talking about the conversations between (mostly) active duty women and female spouses of soldiers and [...]