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20 Activities to Get Your Toddler Playing “All by Herself!” Thumbnail

  Sometimes you just need your toddler to safely entertain herself for a few minutes so you can sneak off and take a shower, throw in a load of laundry, or change the baby's diaper. Can it be done? Sure! Here are our favorite activities, toys, and games to keep toddlers entertained for a good [...]

When You’re Trying to Conceive, It’s Not as Easy as “Just Relax” Thumbnail

If you’re looking to get slapped upside the head, there’s no faster way than telling a woman who’s been unsuccessfully trying to conceive, “Maybe you just need to relax.” First off, the stress of TTC isn’t usually directly related to the act of conception. Though sitting in the stirrups or bedding down at the precise [...]

Six Things I Say All Day Long Thumbnail

Being at home with all three kids for the last month, with very little interruption by the coveted play date or the intermittent camp morning, I've found myself in a situation where I've relied heavily on my education training; creating a daily schedule that is followed by everyone. Generally, it's been successful, because the kids [...]

What Father’s Day Taught Me about Mother’s Day Thumbnail

This year, I had a really crummy Mother’s Day. My husband tried to let me sleep in, but my toddler ended up banging down the door to our bedroom at 8 a.m. I decided I wanted to avoid the Mother’s Day brunch crowds. And when my husband asked me what I did want to do [...]

Why the “Terrible Twos” Aren’t Terrible…for Parents Thumbnail

Some things don't change...from child to child, the stages are very similar. Although my daughter is much more verbal than my son was at age two, she still struggles with some of the very same things. I just have to remember...she's doing the best she can. I try to keep my son's routine as predictable [...]

20 Parenting Hacks Too Brilliant Not to Know Thumbnail

Image source: We Are THAT Family Image source: Montessori for Learning Image source: BabbleImage source: Twin Dragonfly Designs Image source: We Love Being Moms Image source: SafetyTat Image source: The Paper Mama 8. When your baby is sick, use this trick to keep track of medicine doses. Image source: Landeelu 9. Turn an old wallet [...]

Interactive Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Aged Children Thumbnail

Preschool and kindergarten students should be able to identify numbers, count, write their numbers, identify which numbers are bigger than another, and eventually, be able to do some simple addition and subtraction.  This can be a daunting task, and sometimes, some at home review can be very helpful. But it doesn't have to be worksheets! [...]

Beyond Biology: Why I’m Not (Too) Afraid of Father’s Day Thumbnail

As we approach Father’s Day this year, it occurred to me that no one, aside from the social worker whose job it is to broach such tough questions, has asked me about the “daddy issue.” As a single woman hoping to conceive a child with a donor, there will be no father in our family [...]

Teaching “Respect” Thumbnail

photo source R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me. Wait. What does it mean to me? We’ve been having a lot of conversations about “respect” in my house lately, as A reaches an age where I expect a certain degree of compliance from her and Baby J enters that two-year-old testing phase. The problem [...]

Is Three the New “Terrible Twos”? Thumbnail

I was just having this conversation with someone today, and it reminded me that I already wrote about this, two years ago. So, here's my take on the "terrible threes." ***** Everyone warns you about two. "Terrible twos." "Tantrum twos." Two sounds terrifying. But you know what? We're about one month from three over here, [...]