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I’m a Selfish Mother…And That’s Not a Bad Thing Thumbnail

I peel them off like layers of clothing. The baby and the toddler go into the 0-3 play area. My five year old, my big kid, is finally graduated into the five and up room, where he plays basketball. I sign them in, one by one, and then slowly walk away. My gait changes from [...]

12 Instagrammers I Adore Thumbnail

I'll admit, I wasn't sold on Instagram when it launched in 2010. It seemed like it was just for throwing filters on photos. But I stuck with it. Today, I count on Instagram for a (more than) daily dose of eye candy. Being so visual, I love scrolling through all the beautiful things, adorable babies, drool-worthy #foodporn, [...]

Making the Most of At-home Read Alouds Thumbnail

Snuggling up with your child and their most beloved books and just reading (or rereading) for sheer pleasure is magical—and important to developing children who love reading. However, as school starts back up, children may be asked to do more reading at home, and parents might be looking for ideas to boost their child’s interest [...]

Is the “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep” Really the Perfect Bedtime Story? Thumbnail

It's been all over my friends Facebook feeds this week. Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin's "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep," a self-published, top of the charts paper back or audio book, available on Amazon. It's guaranteed to put your child to sleep quickly and painlessly. It's a book you can buy and read yourself, or [...]

Who’s in Charge (of the Money)? Thumbnail

Let’s talk hypotheticals (wink, wink). If you were going to make a rather large purchase---one some might even consider “frivolous”---like, say, a $200 pair of Tory Burch sandals, would you consult your spouse first? Would you... just pull the trigger? mention it in passing? ask permission? How would that scenario have been different before you [...]

From the Archives: My Secrets for Road-tripping with Young Children…without TV Thumbnail

Both my husband's family and mine live within driving distance. (And when I say "driving distance," I mean within 12 hours.) We love to drive. We actually consider a 3 hour drive "short." Most of our drives are relatively peaceful. We have a few moments here and there with our infant, but generally, our two [...]

DIY Photo Necklace Thumbnail

DIY Photo Necklace

Occasionally, my sources of inspiration are a little...unconventional. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote that sometimes motherhood means everyone hates you, and I suggested that when you're feeling down, you "find a quiet bathroom to hide in with the sweetest picture of your baby’s angelic face"? ---light bulb!--- Not to be silly, but I [...]

Jenny and Nate: Welcoming their Daughters Thumbnail

What I wrote was intimate. It was the first conclusion to Nate and Jenny's story; the story of the weekend that Jenny and Nate met their daughter. It was the story of a birth mother who chose to give her baby a new life by inviting Nate and Jenny to adopt her. It was a [...]

5 Tips for Reducing Back-to-School Stress Thumbnail

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s almost that time again. That’s right, some schools are starting up in another week, and even those that don’t start until September are starting to ready their bulletin boards and wax the floors for the first day of classes. Back to school will always involve some level of [...]

9 Things You Need to Understand About a Stay-at-home Parent’s Schedule Thumbnail

This week, I’ve been trying to nail down a neighborhood contractor for a home repair. Though I haven’t been successful, I have been reminded of how little respect some people have for the time of stay-at-home parents. I’ve been communicating with this person via text for the last three days, and here’s how it’s gone: [...]