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Social Media and Merelymothers Thumbnail

So, we've been around for over two years. That's right...for two years, you've been able to read our thoughts and musings on every parenting topic we experience. And we love writing. We never seem to run out of topics to discuss and share with you. I know that every day, I can think of at [...]

We Made It to Houston! Now, I Say Thank You. Thumbnail

I've noticed this about my parents, that when I try to thank them, tell them how much I really appreciate them, they almost seem uncomfortable. They downplay their efforts, even avoid making eye contact. "Oh please, it's no big deal," is my father's famous line. My parents would go to the moon and back for [...]

What Summers are Made Of Thumbnail

We had friends from our old neighborhood come and spend a few days with us. It was just so much fun; starting with the morning. Waking up before seven, my son took his friend downstairs, and they immediately began playing. No need to wait until the other friend was available, no need to even get [...]

“That’s Not a Man”: Talking to Our Kids About Gender Thumbnail

"Mom, is that a man or a lady?" I cringed as I heard the words come out of her mouth in the checkout line while I piled things onto the conveyer belt. I'll admit, I'd wondered the same thing as we pushed our cart up, so A put me in a tight spot. This person's [...]

Bonding Through Craft: How I’ve Become A Crafty Dad Thumbnail

  After four and a half years of being a stay-at-home dad, I've finally done my first craft project with my son. He and I don't do a whole lot of indoor, crafty stuff. Most of our activities involve running, jumping, and most especially, biking. So most of our activities end with skinned knees and [...]

Parenting Challenge: Kindness Above All Thumbnail

It's easy to parent...during the good moments of the day. When your child easily accepts directions, when you're having fun on a family outing, when he listens to you and follows directions, happily, the first time. That's when parenting is easy. That's when the words that come out of your mouth are kind, helpful and [...]

Guest Post: Mom Friendships Are Just More…Real Thumbnail

My friendships since becoming a mom are more real than the ones I had prior. There, I said it. Anyone else feel this way? I'm posting this anonymously for fear of offending anyone. But I can't help what's been on my mind lately. It hit me weeks ago, as I was discussing Mother's Day let-downs [...]

The Case for Playing Good Guys/Bad Guys Thumbnail

If you had asked me this question six months ago, I would've answered you quickly and firmly. The answer would have been No Way. No way was I going to encourage my son to play bad guys/good guys...no I wasn't going to give him toys that promoted that idea, and if he started to play [...]

When Things Change Thumbnail

When Things Change

Sometimes, changes are obvious. Other times, when you're in the middle of a change, you don't see it until it's happened, and you wish you could have gone back and taken it all in, taken a deep breath and memorized what is around you, because it will never be the way it was, in that [...]

How Do You Know When You’re “Done”? Thumbnail

  I’ve come to envy my friends who knew they were done at two kids. The friend whose pregnancies made her so sick she couldn’t even consider going through it a third time. The acquaintance whose age, she felt, took her out of the running for another. Wouldn’t it just be easier to know you [...]