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Halloween Treats for Your Funny Bone Thumbnail

I think we're all in for a long night... Source Hooray! Source: someecards Source: afuntab.com I love a good Pinterest fail. Source: buzzfeed Source Parents of the year! Source: Vulture.com LOL (No, seriously. I laughed out loud!) Source Source: buzzfeed And last but not least... Source

Spanakopita: One of My All-time Favorite Recipes! Thumbnail

You know how kids are frequently asked what their favorite food is? And their answers usually consist of things like pizza or hamburgers or ice cream? When I was a girl, my response never included any of these typical foods, because I thought they were much less delicious than a pan full of spanakopita, a Greek dish made with [...]

The 1 Technique to Get your Child to Pick Up His Toys…without Bribery or Punishment Thumbnail

I had a friend visit last weekend, who is a preschool teacher. She had the MOST AMAZING strategy for picking up toys. After years of having this battle every night with my son, I now no longer have to even ask him to pick up toys. He does it on his own after dinner. I [...]

The First Haircut Thumbnail

The First Haircut

Before I had a child, I couldn’t understand why moms were so emotional about haircuts for their children. It’s just hair, right? It grows back. That’s the magic of hair. You cut it and it just keeps coming back---unless you’re a Barbie in my room circa 1994. (Sorry for the buzzcut, blondie.) If you look [...]

9 Lessons from 9 Years of Marriage Thumbnail

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary! In honor of that milestone, I’m sharing nine pearls of wisdom gained over the years, many earned the hard way. As special as friends and extended family can be, the truth is that they come and go, and the person I can truly count on is [...]

Some Autumn Eye Candy Thumbnail

Some Autumn Eye Candy

I love autumn. It is my favorite season. The colors, the activities, the temperature outside; I love it all. Just cool enough for a jacket and a warm tea, but also still warm enough to spend days outside. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this season is the precursor to the holiday season, my other [...]

How Living With a Four Year Old is Like Living in a Halloween Haunted House Thumbnail

It was late. It was dark. I lay awake in our new house, listening for the new sounds, the creaks and cracks and dripping taps. The house is a hundred years old and even though it's painted ivory white outside, a layer of sea grime blows off the gulf and fogs up the windows and darkens [...]

7 Reasons Why the Second Year of Breastfeeding is Better Than the First Thumbnail

We are happy to introduce a new guest contributor, Katie, who today, is sharing her perspective. This is for the new mamas out there who are in the trenches of breastfeeding. To the sleep deprived ones who have awakened in a puddle of their own breast milk, the ones who have soaked through a nursing [...]

Fashion: Finding Your Personal Style Thumbnail

If you ever spend any time on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most popular board themes is “My Style.” But being that Pinterest is a place to accumulate inspiration rather than record reality, I often wonder how many women actually dress anything like the thousands of outfits they pinned. I’ve been thinking [...]

DIY: Halloween Treat; A Protein Banana Milkshake with TruMoo Thumbnail

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruMoo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I enjoy cooking, but I love baking. I especially love it this time of year, and during these next few months, I spend many of my grocery trips sauntering down the baking aisle, picking up things [...]