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Guest Post: Melanoma and the New Mom – Chelsea’s Story: Part 2 Thumbnail

Chelsea’s story was recently featured in Dr. Oz | The Good Life magazine Last week, you got a chance to read part of my friend Chelsea's story about her battle with melanoma in her first months of motherhood. It's a story so powerful that meeting Chelsea had an immediate effect on my daily habits (how often can you say that??), [...]

Nate and Jenny’s Journey to Parenthood – Part IV: The IVF Cycle Thumbnail

After her first cycle of IVF, Jenny did become pregnant. However, the pregnancy only lasted a few days before she started bleeding and it was over before it really began. Undeterred, the couple decided to try again. The second cycle was scheduled for a few months later...but it went even worse than the first. This [...]

10 Signs You Have a Newborn At Home Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, we welcomed our third baby, a boy. It's been amazing! And, whether it's your first or third child, there are tell tale signs that you've just given birth. Any to add? Let us know in the comments below! How many hours did I sleep? How many times did I nurse the [...]

Guest Post: How Trusting My Instincts Saved My Life Thumbnail

My friend Chelsea's story was recently featured in Dr. Oz | The Good Life magazine. Less than a year ago, at 33, I was diagnosed with cancer, melanoma to be exact. Our first and only child was just 8 months old. The news devastated me and changed the course of my life. It all started [...]

More Playing, Less Hair Pulling at Bathtime Thumbnail

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”  Bathtime should be fun: bubbles, splashing, pretending you're a mermaid... But when your four-year-old has hair all the way down her back, it can [...]

Just Don’t “Jinx It” When You’re TTC Thumbnail

Jinxes? Karma? Curses? All sounds more like the start of a plot for my newest novel than a TTC (trying to conceive) problem. Alas, this is nonfiction. Recently, I was chatting online on the Single Mothers By Choice discussion boards with other women trying to conceive, and the topic of “jinxing” one’s chances of becoming [...]

Mother’s Day Photo Contest Winner! Thumbnail

Thank you to everyone who sent us photos as part of our Mother's Day Photo Contest! We had so much fun looking through your touching family photos. It was sooo tough to pick just one winner. We received photos of new moms holding brand new babies in their hospital beds; photos of three and even [...]

Merelymothers at Home: Our Etsy Shop is Open for Business! Thumbnail

When I completed my first Better Than Paint Chip Mobile for my daughter's room, I was in love. The mobile seemed to shimmer. It was vibrant, it had movement, and both my daughters adored it. Since I originally published this DIY mobile, a whole bunch more of you fell in love with it, too! It's [...]

Nate and Jenny’s Love Story – Part III: The Secrecy of Infertility Thumbnail

When we last left Jenny and Nate, their first IVF egg retrieval had been completed. Doctors had retrieved 11 eggs, and 8 had fertilized. Three days later, Jenny went back in for the egg transfer. The hope was that one or more egg would implant after it was placed in Jenny's body. When she went to [...]

Design Dilemmas: Calling in an Expert Thumbnail

We all have one: a spot in our house that's just...odd. A little unconventional, in a good way or in a way that makes us totally, completely crazy. For me, it's a semi-circular staircase right near our entry. It's beautiful---certainly not an eyesore---but for many months after we moved into our new home, it had me [...]