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Parenting From the Sidelines Thumbnail

I found myself in a new place the other day. Sitting in a lawn chair on the side of a baseball field while my son pretended to pitch the ball in his second t-ball game. And as I saw him focus on the ball as it tumbled down the field, I realized something. For the [...]

DIY IKEA Bed Canopy Redo Thumbnail

Are you an IKEA devotee? I think I might be a convert! If you can believe it, in all my years living in metro areas with IKEA stores, I'd never visited one until a few weeks ago, when a friend invited me to join her. To be honest, I was a little skeptical. My impression [...]

Owning My Anxiety Thumbnail

Owning My Anxiety

A few years ago, I started to really recognize what it was. When I would incessantly obsess over something, to the point where my imagination would create tragic and horrific scenarios, and when my brain would become certain that these unlikely but terrible things would happen, I would start to completely break down. I could [...]

Is Five the Right Age to Start Sex Ed? Thumbnail

Last week, word got out around my neighborhood about an incident at a local restaurant. A seven-year-old boy entered the bathroom, alone, and was approached by a stranger who touched him inappropriately. I've been praying for the family ever since. The very thought of it sends shivers up my spine. Some poor parents sent their unsuspecting [...]

How Your Child Can Benefit from Having a New Teacher Thumbnail

Being the inquisitive writer I am, I often listen in on fellow shoppers’ conversations as I wait in the check out line or pass people in an aisle. (Okay, I’m just nosy. Go with it.) As school was starting this year, and I was making my annual pilgrimage through Target for supplies and a few [...]

What’s So Wrong with Playing with Princesses? Thumbnail

Even though I have two boys and a girl, I actually identify more with boy moms. Maybe it's because my oldest child is a boy, or because I know I'm going to go through the boy stuff all over again when my younger son starts to walk. But also, because as of now the majority [...]

9 Things Parents with Tidy Homes Do Every Day Thumbnail

Have you ever seen that sign parents like to hang in their homes? Photo: Julian&Jinks on Etsy It's a cute saying, right? And it gives us some leeway in the appearance of our homes. We're not just maids, after all! We want to join in on the fun and memory-making, too. But, at a certain point, [...]

My Car is (way) Better than Mary Poppin’s Purse Thumbnail

I have three kids and an SUV. I also, in theory, believe in having a clean car with minimal trash and minimal clutter. However. When you're running around town doing errands, if you have to go home every time someone needs something, you'd never get anywhere. So, I have the basics; snacks, diapers, stroller, wipes [...]

See You Next Week! Thumbnail

See You Next Week!

Not to leave you hanging, but we've been churning out a special project that we've had on our minds for months. This week, we set out to finish it (well, the first phase at least), and we're almost there! We'll be back with new posts next week. See you then! //

Making the Most of Parent Night Thumbnail

With school underway just about everywhere now, the season of parent nights has begun. No matter what age your children are, attending these informational evenings can be a great way to assure a smooth school year for them and for you. In order to get the most of these nights, here are three top tips [...]