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Why I Lie To My Child About Santa Claus And Strawberries Thumbnail

Early on we got asked, and if you've got a school-aged kid you probably got asked too, and if you've got a bun in the oven, get ready because it's coming this holiday season: will your kid believe in Santa Claus? On the one end, “It's a lie and I'm not going to lie to [...]

Nursing in Style: The Best Breastfeeding Clothing You’ll Ever Wear Thumbnail

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kinwolfe. The opinions and text are all mine. There is a fashion compromise every mother makes with herself if she chooses to breastfeed. Basically, for that amount of time, whether it be weeks or over a year, she knows she will wear frumpy clothing. [...]

DIY Thanksgiving “Giving Thanks” Centerpiece Thumbnail

With just a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a little project I put together during my girls' naptime: a centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner table that's both beautiful and a conversation piece. See, woven into the centerpiece are beautiful golden strips of vellum on which we'll all write what we're thankful [...]

My Favorite Time Of Day Thumbnail

I love E’s bedtime. I know, I know most parents say bedtime is their favorite time of day, especially on those crazy, grumpy baby days. I do enjoy bedtime for the reprieve that follows, but that’s not what bumps it up to my favorite time of day. Let me start off by admitting that E’s [...]

The Single Most Important Trait I Want to Develop in My Kids Thumbnail

Every once in a while, I’ll be in the middle of some mundane act of parenting, like changing a diaper, and I’ll get this flash-forward. My brain drifts off, and I can imagine one of my children as an adult---what she’ll look like, how she’ll speak, what will interest her. I visualize a confident, well-dressed young [...]

Finally, We’re Home Thumbnail

Finally, We’re Home

Image Source This week, I had to pick my son up from school early because he got sick. That's the first time it's happened, and I know there'll be more times. I walked in purposefully, quickly, my keys in one pocket and my cell phone in another, unsure what I would find. I turned the [...]

5 Words We Use In New Zealand That Y’all Should Use Too Thumbnail

Separated by a common language they say, and it's truth, let me tell you. I've lived outside the US for going on three years now and I reckon my word choice and accent have changed like new clothes in summer. See that: "reckon." I used to say "reckon" every now and then back in the day, [...]

Bringing Austin Style Home Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, our family ventured out of Houston and spent a week in Austin, about 3 hours away, and we loved it! What an awesome city! Austin has everything to offer. It's the state capitol, so it's got that political/DC vibe I've been missing. UT's campus means lots of active young adults all [...]

How an Experience at Harris Teeter Made my Day Thumbnail

Ok, let me just start this story by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post. I am in no way being compensated or paid by Harris Teeter for anything I'm about to say. I just want to say it. So, the other day I was at Harris Teeter with both of my children. I [...]

Halloween Treats for Your Funny Bone Thumbnail

I think we're all in for a long night... Source Hooray! Source: someecards Source: afuntab.com I love a good Pinterest fail. Source: buzzfeed Source Parents of the year! Source: Vulture.com LOL (No, seriously. I laughed out loud!) Source Source: buzzfeed And last but not least... Source