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2015 merelymothers Reader Survey Thumbnail

You know what's the best thing about blogging? Building a community of like-minded readers who share in the ups and downs of parenting, encourage each other, question conventions, and make merelymothers a dynamic and inviting little spot on the great, big, wild internet. We see signs of this community in the comments you leave us [...]

Pre-game Decisions: My Pre-conception Playbook Thumbnail

As the country preps for Super Bowl Sunday by making tough decisions (full-body or just face paint? boneless or bone-in?), I’ve been making some pretty super-sized pre-game decisions myself. When I played youth soccer, my pre-game routine involved meditating with my legs crossed, goalie gloves on, ball in hand, visualizing acrobatic saves of the sort [...]

Call me Over-Protective but I’m Not Sending my Five-Year-Old to Kindergarten Thumbnail

You know what? I'm starting to get really annoyed with public school. And this is unfortunate, because my kids haven't even started going to school yet. I've read article after article lately, from various points of view, and they all put public school education in a negative light. Testing. Teaching to the test. Stress. Too [...]

How to Shop for Clothes Online and Actually Get What You Want Thumbnail

If you're anything like me, shopping for clothes in a store is a major headache. Who wants to lug two young kids through dozens of racks and then into a cramped dressing room? That certainly doesn't make for a pleasurable shopping experience. Luckily, over the years, I've become a skilled online shopper. At 5'11", it [...]

What Homecoming is Really Like Thumbnail

Last week, two nights before my husband returned from a four-month deployment (and before that, eight months of two-week-long trips), I woke at 2 am. My son was sleeping in his sleeping bag on the floor, having woken from a nightmare hours before. Our rottweiler was sleeping on her bed next to him. My two-year-old [...]

Early Literacy: Beyond the Alphabet Thumbnail

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Reading Eggs. Thanks for supporting merelymothers! I remember when things were simple and clear, when starting to teach A to read felt easy. Before her second birthday, I purchased a set of cute little alphabet flash cards for her. At first she just [...]

Choosing Single Motherhood Thumbnail

Most women's journey to motherhood begins with a trip to the bedroom. Mine began with a trip to my parents' basement. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as kinky as that sounds. While visiting my parents, I spied a pile of nostalgia on a dusty shelf downstairs: old photos, yearbooks, and my senior year psychology project. I think the [...]

Everything in Its Right Place: On the Bookcase! Thumbnail

Some people would call me a neat freak, uptight, OCD. But to me, when my house is clean, my mind is clean. And when my house looks beautiful, I feel inspired. For someone as "visually attuned" as me, that's important. Since I was a teenager, I've been ripping pictures of beautiful rooms out of magazines and [...]

Don’t Feel Guilty About Being a Selfish Mother (What does that mean anyway??) Thumbnail

I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I packed a lunch, brought a few toys, and got to the hair salon for my cut and color...with my four year old and two year old. This is not a normal routine for me, but I'm in between babysitters at the moment, and there were [...]

How Facebook is Dictating Our Parenting Dialogue Thumbnail

On Christmas evening, after dinner and dishes and bedtimes, the adults in my family sat around on the couch flipping through TV channels or playing on their phones. I learned that I wasn’t the only one scrolling through my Facebook feed when someone commented on the glut of photos of Christmas trees overcome by presents. In [...]