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On Moving And What We Leave Behind Thumbnail

We moved this past week, and it might be the last time I ever move. First, this new place is spectacular and barring catastrophe, I can't imagine wanting for more. Second, I don't think my back and my nerves can handle another shift in residence. I suppose it doesn't help to try to pull this [...]

Selective Memory Thumbnail

Selective Memory

It’s telling that motherhood begins with a human experience so traumatic that we’re forced to tuck it away into the recesses of our memory. Otherwise, the human race would literally die off. I remember feeling terrified about labor and delivery during my first pregnancy. Every time it would cross my mind, I’d feel myself tense [...]

Making Those First Few Weeks of School Special for your Preschooler Thumbnail

Well, we've been back to school a few weeks now. We're slowly settling into our routine of getting to school, and finding relaxing activities to do in the afternoon. For the first time, my son is going to school every day. This year, I really feel like school is a huge part of our life, [...]

Guest Post: 4 Tips for Keeping a Vibrant Relationship Between Baby and Long-Distance Grandparents Thumbnail

My parents regularly tell me that the best thing I’ve ever done for them was give them a grandson, and the worst thing I’ve ever done was to move him one thousand miles away from them. It’s been just over a year since we committed the terrible offense of moving to my husband’s hometown in [...]

Making Mom Friends is So Freaking Hard Thumbnail

How many friends does one person need? In the past, I would’ve argued, you can’t really have too many acquaintances. Heck, if you’re going out for a few beers on a Wednesday night, the more the merrier, right? I’ve never been a shy person, so making friends has always been pretty easy for me. My [...]

Entering the Peanut Butter Danger Zone Thumbnail

Image Source "Every student must wash their hands before they enter the classroom," she said in a cheery tone. "In case they had peanut butter for breakfast, we want to wash it all off so that our students don't get sick. Ten percent of our population here has moderate to severe peanut allergies." I heard [...]

Guest Post: I’m a Baby Naming Rule Breaker Thumbnail

“How do you pronounce that?”  “Why couldn’t you just spell it like everyone else does?”  “How am I supposed to explain this to my friends?”  These and more were the questions we faced when we announced the name of our son, Eoin, to our family and friends. Some parents know exactly what they’re going to [...]

The Many Failures of the Modern Public Restroom Thumbnail

It's a growth spurt no doubt. A couple of weeks ago the boy would yell his head off when he couldn't reach the light switch in the bathroom, because it's your job to do all the things he can't do, even if they seem simple at a distance. This is the parent's job isn't it? [...]

A Prayer for the First Day of School Thumbnail

Hope everyone's first day went well!

Our Last Day of Summer Thumbnail

Our Last Day of Summer

I've realized something about myself over the last few summers. When they close the pool, I get sad. When we lived in our last house, we had a neighborhood pool that closed around this weekend, and it always made me sad. There's something about a sparkling blue swimming pool that I love. Perhaps it brings [...]