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Major Changes Coming to merelymothers! Thumbnail

Dear Friends, We have some really exciting things in the works---things even our friends and family think are kind of crazy! As we prepare, we'd really love to hear from you! Would you do us a huge favor and take a few minutes to complete our Reader Survey below, or by clicking HERE? Included in [...]

Five Lessons in Happiness I Learned From My Mom Thumbnail

I can honestly say that the person who's had the single most positive effect on my 20 years of life is my mom. From day one, she's been someone I’ve looked up to, laughed with, and been able to talk to. Though we talk less frequently now that I’m away from home 9 months out [...]

How Mothers Lose Their Identities Thumbnail

The weirdest thing happened the other day. My best friend, someone I've known for years and talk to multiple times a day, launched into this story about the time she studied abroad in college. It was a total WTF moment. "You studied abroad?" I asked. "Oh yeah, twice," she responded. It was the weirdest thing. [...]

The Name Game: When to Choose and Share Baby’s Name Thumbnail

Like many women, I had a list of possible baby names picked out long before I ever stepped foot in a fertility clinic. In fact, by high school I had the names of my three future children all picked out. I also was certain I’d meet their father before graduating college. That was my first [...]

When You’re Divorced, What Do Holidays Look Like for You and Your Kids? Thumbnail

We all know how stressful the holiday season is; family, dinners, presents, and shopping- the list never seems to end. But what if you're a single mom and don’t live near your family? What if your family Christmas takes place 800 miles away and you can’t afford to go home? What happens when you have [...]

Gift Ideas for Second, Third, or Fourth Baby

Got a friend who is having a baby? The first time, every mom needs everything. But as she welcomes more children into her family, she needs less and less. Right? Not so, actually. She just needs different things! Here are our suggestions! Even if you don't want to splurge for the whole session, a gift [...]

2 Really Common Words I Refused to Teach My Kids Thumbnail

I'm a pretty open mom. I have no qualms about discussing all sorts of potentially uncomfortable topics with my young children: death, sex, race... But there are some words---some topics---I've been avoiding at almost ridiculous lengths. One morning last week, my five-year-old looked up from her cereal bowl and asked, "What does 'fat' mean?" It was the [...]

Etiquette in Parenting: Is Public Recognition the New Thank You Note? Thumbnail

I have vivid memories of writing thank you notes as a child. I'd be sitting at the kitchen table, pencil in hand, while my mom reminded me that it was not enough to just write, "Thank you for the gift!" No, I had to write a sentence that explicitly stated the gift, (and if it [...]

My Husband Died on a Wednesday Thumbnail

My husband died on a Wednesday, an average, ordinary day in the middle of the week. His death was completely unexpected and random. I wasn't waiting for my doorbell to ring, not on this day. Dan wasn't deployed to some far off, war torn country. Instead he was on a six week training exercise in Alberta. He'd been on countless exercises [...]

The Best and Worst Things About Being Pregnant and Single Thumbnail

When I embarked on my journey to single motherhood, I knew there would be some serious downfalls to doing this alone, but I also knew, like with being single, that it might have some perks. More than halfway through my pregnancy I’ve certainly had this confirmed. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far about the perks [...]