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Fashion Snapshot: Stay-at-Home Mom Style

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Yup, that’s me, in what I used to call my “fabulous hat.”

You know what I want to talk about? Clothes. Oh, clothes, how I love you.  Dark washed denim with a cowboy belt and a fitted tank. Sweet, A-line dresses with adorable necklines. Printed skirts with ribbon belts and a tucked in tee. And heels. Kitten heels, three inch heels, and sexy heels with bling. I miss you all.

I miss getting dressed with fashion in mind. Black heels with that adorable white skirt and a black t-shirt?  Yes, please. I used to love getting dressed for work in the morning. It was so much fun to put together an outfit and then add cute little flats or heels. I loved click clacking around all day.

Getting dressed now has a different tone. As a stay-at-home mom, wearing heels or skirts seems silly. I’m not spending my day in a professional atmosphere, so why bother with those uncomfortable outfits? (Sidebar: I never used to see these outfits as uncomfortable, but now, I see them in a new, practical light.)

Just so you understand what I’m talking about, here is what went through my mind this morning as we prepared to take our son to a casual Easter egg hunt.

Jeans? A skirt is a fantasy, but not practical. Step away from the yoga pants! Where’s that tight, long white tank?  Side thought: Although I refuse to let go of my pre-pregnancy low rise jeans, I no longer feel comfortable running around in short tops that will show my now larger mid-section when I squat.) Ok…tank top, check. Cropped, off the shoulder tee to layer on top? Will this top be completely misshapen if I have to carry the baby? No…it’ll look kind of cute when it’s messy; off the shoulder tops are meant to move. And bonus! It will hide my little belly. Ok…jacket? Got the perfect one; slightly baggy, military (ish) style to match the olive crop top. Long necklace to go on top (gotta draw attention away from the midsection) and a cowboy belt in case my long shirt rides up. Sneakers, of course. Done.

Years ago, when I was running around playing on Saturday, I’d have worn the same jeans, but would’ve paired it with a more fitted top and some super cute flats or embellished heels. And fun earrings. And maybe a cocktail ring. I tried a cocktail ring last week. It’s not the best accessory when changing diapers. Yeah, I may have to wait a little longer on that one.

I do miss my clothes; I miss my old wardrobe. I miss wearing dresses and skirts, but it’s just not practical when chasing a toddler or playing on the floor. So, now, I either have to start doing way more cardio (yup, definitely) or embrace my new style. It’s not so bad.  I have an amazing, beautiful little boy who I am completely in love with. I’ll trade my kitten heels for that. Anytime.

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– Sarahlynne

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