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Evanthia and Sarah meet Amy

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It’s 8:10. The clock is mocking me. 8:11. My daughter is curled up in my arms, smiling at me.

I text Evanthia. “A is still awake. How r u doing?”

I get a quick text back. “Trying to get both girls to sleep.”

I look down. I have on a nice blouse, linen pants, and my hair is down. Down, not pulled back into a ponytail. I have make-up on. I am ready to go out. My daughter smiles at me again. It’s like she knows. I nurse her a little more. 8:13.

Our reservation is at 9:00 and we are meeting Amy, our Haute Mama, for drinks. Meeting her, like for the first time. She’s in town for business and we’ve set up a night out on the town for drinks and if we don’t leave by 8:20, we’ll be late.

So, I nurse a little more, and amazingly, at 8:14, I get a text. “I’m ready!”

I send one back. “Me too! Meet you outside!” (Evanthia and I live next door to each other.)

I give my husband some last minute instructions, and then, somehow, there are four kids under three asleep, and Evanthia and I are in the car, on our way to have drinks, in the city, at a beautiful restaurant. It’s amazing.

Evanthia looks down at her lap and proudly announces how happy she is to have nothing in her purse besides her phone and lip gloss. Nothing else. “How cool is that?” she asks me.

Very cool. Until we realize she really means nothing else. Like no wallet, no license, no form of ID. Being carded for drinks is bad enough when  you don’t have your ID on you until you realize you’re also driving around the city with no license. Perfect.

Walking around downtown was incredible. The moon was bright, the streets were busy, and the restaurant was too. There is a whole nightlife out there, and for the first time in a year, we were experiencing it. We sat down, eager to meet our “Haute Mama” for the first time.

We had a great time chatting about our kids, our blog, and our lives. It was fantastic.

And then, Evanthia and I got back in the car to go home. And we got lost. And, after turning around in an illegal parking lot, we got followed by a police officer for five minutes, all the while wondering what actually happens if you get caught driving around without a license.

But when I got home, past 11, the kids were sleeping. All was well. My husband handled it when the baby woke up; he didn’t even have to defrost any milk. (Score one for the stash!)

And I was exhausted when my sweet girl opened her eyes at 5:30 the next morning. But it was worth it. My first night out with two kids and it gave me confidence, fun, and a bit of freedom. I was nervous to leave her; what if she needed me? But my husband handled it, and it’s one of the million reasons I love him. I love my life, but a few hours to escape every so often tastes that much sweeter when you know you’ve really worked hard to get there.

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