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Merelymothers’ First Piece in Print!

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Well, we made it! Through preschool, that is : )

Sarah and I spent plenty of time worrying about sending our babies off to school last year only to discover that they loved it! I mean, of course they did. What’s not to love about spending a few hours with your friends, reading stories, having a snack, and hitting up the playground?

But we, being the (over-?) protective moms that we are, considered everything that could go wrong. So we talked about what we could do to make sure we equipped our three-year-olds with the tools they’d need to protect themselves without us there to try to do it for them, talking about strangers, their bodies, and what to do if they got lost.

When Fairfax Woman Magazine, a local publication, offered us the chance to contribute a piece for their May/June issue and see merelymothers in print, we jumped at the opportunity! And we knew just what we wanted to write about: Tips for Teaching Young Children How to Protect Themselves.


We’d love it if you’d hop on over and take a look at our ideas—maybe even comment with one of your own!

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  • Michelle Brooks June 4, 2014, 6:25 pm

    Well-composed list ladies!! We’ve been working on a lot of these things lately. I used bringing a baby boy into the home as an opportunity to discuss the private parts of our bodies. And I taught her to find another mom if she’s ever lost too! Thank goodness for the sisterhood of motherhood. :) Also, my daughter received a personalized backpack as a gift and I didn’t think twice until my husband pointed out a stranger could call her by name at school and she would think she knew him!! Yikes! So many things to think about. I love these guidelines.

    • Evanthia Evanthia June 5, 2014, 2:53 pm

      Thanks, Michelle! Those personalized backpacks sure are cute, but you’re right that they pose a risk. We opted for one with just A’s initials. I thought that was a good compromise.

      There really are a lot of things to consider!

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