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Another mom caught me, with tears welling in my eyes, standing there in front of a display of preschool art. How odd. I’m sure she thought I was "off my meds" or something, but I couldn’t hold back as I admired my daughter’s portrait of the two of us and read her responses to the All [...]

Image Source   Have you seen this new bullying PSA from VH1? Watch it. Then we'll talk. I literally want to throw up. Where do I start? Primarily, I'm sickened at these images. Are these acts of humiliation still going on? I certainly hope not.  How would kids even string a kid up a flagpole [...]


Are Schools Failing Parents?

This weekend, I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance. Her son, who is in elementary school, had been sent home with a note, which stated that he was having trouble in reading. She was supposed to go in for a meeting about his reading. She knows I'm a teacher, specializing in literacy, so she [...]

Last Saturday, I got to have my first book signing/book launch at Hooray for Books! in Alexandria, VA. It was really fun to be part of their weekly story hour. I got to talk about "Making Kid Time Count: 0-3: The Attentive Parent Advantage," for a couple of minutes, and then hang around and answer [...]

If you've ever had the experience of trying to corral a classroom of 30+ sixteen-year-olds with agendas all their own so you can actually prepare them for state and college-level exams (their scores on which may determine your fate as an educator), you know how important it is to figure out what makes them tick. [...]

In a few days, things will change. Every day will no longer be our own to discover; there will be a schedule on some days, which after this year, will go to a schedule every day, and we will now be connected to the school year, every year. I am truly excited for you to [...]

A couple of weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that my son was developing some unfortunate behaviors. Although I was sort of aware of these things going on with my son, I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. You know when you're too close to a problem, sometimes you just don't see [...]

When I was nine, I wrote a book. It was called, "Little Stories for Little Critters." It was five short stories, scribbled in a tattered yellow notebook. I walked around with it for weeks, reading my "drafts" to my mother, feeling so proud of my creative project. Since that little book, I knew I wanted [...]

[Photo sources: outfit; backpack; others, see below] It's getting to be that time of year when companies start spamming innocent viewers with Back to School commercials...in July. This used to annoy me, but this year it's making me feel anxious, because for some of us, including me, it'll be the first time we send our [...]

You know that scene from The Sound of Music, where Maria is frolicking on a mountaintop, twirling around and singing joyfully? That’s exactly how I felt when we finally settled on a preschool for A. What a relief! I wanted to scream from the mountaintops :) As I wrote earlier, the stress and haste of [...]