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Kids Activities

  After four and a half years of being a stay-at-home dad, I've finally done my first craft project with my son. He and I don't do a whole lot of indoor, crafty stuff. Most of our activities involve running, jumping, and most especially, biking. So most of our activities end with skinned knees and [...]

Volcanoes can be a real nuisance. You arrange your rooms to be just so---the coffee table books you never read are all square on the table, the fresh fruit your kids won't touch are in a wooden bowl on the kitchen bar, and your pasta is in that overpriced glass jar which has become a [...]

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine. Oh, to be a child at Christmastime! The presents, the sense of wonder, the frequent “Oh god, don’t touch that!” warnings. Come on, tell me I’m not the only one. I feel like so much of the fun holiday stuff I get A [...]

There’s nothing wrong with stuffing your face with chocolate every day between now and Christmas---the advent calendar told you to do it. For my part, I’ve been eyeing up a whiskey advent calendar for some time now but am a little worried about what signals it’ll send to my kids. And pound for pound, I [...]

"Will you play with me, mommy?" I think I hear this question a dozen times a day. He wants to play trucks, dinosaurs, pirates on a boat, fire truck rescue, tea party, or blocks. I am supposed to say yes. I'm supposed to be on the floor with him, in his world, allowing him to [...]

So we're devastated this month that we couldn't come up with an adult spin on our activity. So it is with a heavy heart that we give you this month's activity in the full knowledge that it's unlikely you can get your own friends round and derive a modicum of adult sniggering once you've put [...]


Freaky Rivet Friday: Draw Me!

Curious to know what inspired this clearly amazing portrait of me? :) Read on for a super fun activity from Iyas at Freaky Rivet. -Evanthia It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the creation and fall of man on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. It's going to take you and your kids 2 minutes [...]

[Image sources: balloons, chalk] I know some parents who treasure every piece of artwork that their kids bring home. It starts innocuously enough with that first masterpiece Charlie “drew” when he was 2. But by the time he’s 5, his parents are contracting out a storage facility large enough to house Kim Kardashian’s ego for [...]

When I was nine, I wrote a book. It was called, "Little Stories for Little Critters." It was five short stories, scribbled in a tattered yellow notebook. I walked around with it for weeks, reading my "drafts" to my mother, feeling so proud of my creative project. Since that little book, I knew I wanted [...]

Here's one of the things we learned from our reader survey: you want more posts about stuff to do! Stuff to make when you're feeling crafty; stuff to whip up in the kitchen; and stuff to do with the kiddos. That's why we've asked Iyas of Freaky Rivet back to contribute a monthly post with [...]