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Parenting in the Press

Way back when, as if in another life, I had a job---a career, I should say. My days began at a predictable 5:45 a.m. I used to get dressed in tailored slacks, blazers, and heels; do my hair and makeup; and accessorize. Like all teachers, I clenched a hefty mug of coffee all morning, for the caffeine boost [...]

[image source] Of all the decisions that have defined my parenting, the one I am perhaps the most proud of is trying to breastfeed. Of course, I know of all the amazing health benefits, and I've seen them firsthand. When Baby J was just two weeks old, our whole family came down with a nasty and [...]

[Featured image adapted from Abysim via photopin cc] What’s your fighting style? Are you a screamer, a sulker, a passive-aggressive type, a grudge-holder, a grievance historian? I fall into that last category. Even though I know bringing up issues from the past is totally against the rules, I can’t help but remind my husband of [...]

[Image sources: left, right] Do you ever just want to take a break from yourself? From your life, your personality, your way of thinking? That was me last week. I actually was taking a break from my life, because we spent the week in Rehoboth Beach, DE—what’s become our annual summer destination. Vacations like these [...]

There’s something I’ve been taking for granted: crayons. Crayons at restaurants, more specifically. I just assume they’ll be available, because why wouldn’t they be. Restaurateurs know that people with young kids dine out. They also know that said kids can be loud, especially when they’re hungry, which is usually the reason why people go to [...]

When I was nine, I wrote a book. It was called, "Little Stories for Little Critters." It was five short stories, scribbled in a tattered yellow notebook. I walked around with it for weeks, reading my "drafts" to my mother, feeling so proud of my creative project. Since that little book, I knew I wanted [...]

Good questions deserve good answers. That's why I can't resist republishing a bitingly accurate advice column that a friend shared with me last week. Perhaps you've heard of Washington Post Style Columnist Carolyn Hax's "Tell Me About It" Column. Maybe you've even read this particular response, published back in May 2007, in which a woman [...]

Is dinnertime chaos? Do you find yourself feeding your kids, trying to get in some last minute work and chatting with your husband? Maybe your kids don't all want to eat the same thing, and as much as you swore you wouldn't, you find yourself cooking three different meals. Of course you want to sit [...]


A Tribute to Friday’s Heroes

One year, I taught sixth grade at a school that didn't have doors to its classrooms. When we had intruder drills, which occurred once a semester, we were instructed to move a large storage cabinet in front of the open entrance. The storage cabinet always had to be within a few feet of the classroom [...]

Have you heard about the woman who dared to—gasp—breastfeed her sick child in front of a room full of strangers? Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that… The story begins with an American University professor, Adrienne Pine, who found herself in a tight spot on the first day of classes, when she discovered that her [...]