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Follow our blog with Bloglovin It's hard to believe our baby will be turning ONE in a couple of weeks! And just as Baby J has been growing and developing, so have I---so have we, as a family. We've all come a long way in the last year, and here's what I've learned. I'll admit, [...]

I've moved before. A lot. Being married to a guy in the military will do that to you. In fact, in the almost six years my husband and I have been married, we've moved three times. But this was the first move we've done with kids. Sure, when we completed our last move, my son, [...]

[image source] Of all the decisions that have defined my parenting, the one I am perhaps the most proud of is trying to breastfeed. Of course, I know of all the amazing health benefits, and I've seen them firsthand. When Baby J was just two weeks old, our whole family came down with a nasty and [...]

As 2013 comes to a close, Sarah, Amy, and I challenged ourselves to go back through a whole year of posts (about 170 of them!) to find our favorites. If you look at our choices, the posts are all pretty personal: welcoming babies, publishing books, talking to our kids about their bodies, and figuring out [...]

Sometimes you just need your toddler to entertain themselves for a while, especially when you're pregnant or have a new baby in the house and you need a moment of peace! So we've been brainstorming a list of activities that our big kids love as well as games and toys that keep them entertained for [...]

[Photo sources: outfit; backpack; others, see below] It's getting to be that time of year when companies start spamming innocent viewers with Back to School commercials...in July. This used to annoy me, but this year it's making me feel anxious, because for some of us, including me, it'll be the first time we send our [...]

Both my husband's family and mine live within driving distance. (And when I say "driving distance," I mean within 12 hours.) We love to drive. We actually consider a 3 hour drive "short." Most of our drives are relatively peaceful. We have a few moments here and there with our infant, but generally, our three [...]

When I read the title of Lisa Endlich Heffernan’s post, “Why I Regret Being a Stay-at-Home Mom,” I immediately wanted to hate it. The editors at the Huffington Post had done their job of choosing a title that was inflammatory enough that I just had to keep reading. What I found was that Heffernan's piece [...]

For most moms (and dads), decorating their baby's nursery before the child is born is one of our first acts of love. We put such thought and effort into preparing a space for this tiny little person who will make such a grand impact on our lives. We imagine the type of room our child [...]

When preparing for your first baby, it's so hard to tell what you actually need. What's truly an "essential," and what's a gimmick? Which brands are reputable? Which products will stand the test of time? As a mother of two, I'd like to share some of my favorite finds with you. Some of these things [...]