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When Nursing Ends

I hold her closer. I feel her breath on my chest; warm, soft, slow. I rest my cheek on hers, and it's so very soft; like a pillow. She snuggles into me, even closer. I lay her down in her crib, and she is restless, but only for a moment. She turns to her side, [...]

I have a very important family event in one month. I'm going to see my entire family, some of whom I haven't seen since before my first child. And I had my second child six months ago. Now, for some people, that's not a big deal. The baby weight falls off of them with ease, [...]

  How many times have you been approached by a well-meaning stranger looking to offer a piece of unsolicited parenting advice? Probably more than you can count. Something about raising children makes us all experts on the subject, and moms can't seem to resist sharing their hard-earned knowledge with each other. Then, there are those [...]

Oh, nursing shirts. Pretty much the worst section of any website or store that you could think of. You are coming from being so sick of your limited selection in maternity clothes only to find that your selection in nursing attire is even worse. Add to that the insane prices on "nursing wear." Hey, they've got [...]

Let the countdown begin! I'm officially in my third trimester at 28 weeks, and my mind is racing as I consider everything I MUST accomplish before we add another baby to our lives. Here are my top priorities, in no particular order: 1. Pampering. I’ve been dreaming of a prenatal massage. I've never had one; [...]

For me, I think one of the hardest things about being pregnant, having a baby, and then nursing for well over a year was all the changes to my body in that time. I wasn't one of those women who hated being pregnant and spent hours standing in front of the mirror lamenting my blossoming [...]

Have you heard about the woman who dared to—gasp—breastfeed her sick child in front of a room full of strangers? Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that… The story begins with an American University professor, Adrienne Pine, who found herself in a tight spot on the first day of classes, when she discovered that her [...]

Have you heard about the controversy surrounding Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to encourage new moms in New York City to breastfeed? It’s a voluntary initiative called “Latch On NYC,” one that will prevent nurses from giving babies formula unless it’s medically necessary or their mothers ask for it. And even once new moms ask that their [...]

Is it me or is breastfeeding a hot-button issue right now? I feel like every time I turn around, there’s some outlandish story about the perfectly natural act of a mother providing nourishment for her child. For instance, about a week ago, I received the following email from my mom: Have you seen this Oreo [...]

I was one of the lucky few who took to breastfeeding immediately. Before my daughter was born, my OBGYN advised me to take a breastfeeding class, but on the advice of my mother, who breastfed both her children without any trouble, I decided that wasn’t necessary. I remember telling my doctor that my mother said [...]