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  • Ask Dr. Sears: An excellent medical resource for parents, with topics ranging from pregnancy to parenting, and breastfeeding to family nutrition. We love that we can find very specific answers to pressing questions like, “How much juice can my kid drink each day, and can this count as a serving of fruit??”
  • tinyprints: Offering beautiful personalized announcements, invitations, cards, and gifts
  • shutterfly share sites: A free way to create a “share site,” where you can upload a bajillion photos (and several videos) for friends and family to view, purchase, or make into photo books. These sites also feature cool tools like calendars and journals, where you can chart your baby’s milestones with photos.
  • Amazon Mom: When you become an Amazon Mom member, you’re eligible for discounts on a wide variety of already reasonably priced products. If you take advantage of the Subscribe & Save feature, where you sign up to automatically receive timed shipments of a specific product, you can receive even deeper discounts, including 20% off diapers and wipes.
  • USDA ChooseMyPlate: Health-conscious parents can find specific nutrition for children of any age, including daily food plans and ways to develop healthy eating habits and cope with picky eaters.
  • Kellymom.com: A fantastic resource for breastfeeding mothers, written by an international board certified lactation consultant
  • DCUrbanMom.com: A blog whose forums provide a wealth of information to parents living well beyond the confines of our nation’s capital. Topics include travel, nannies, special needs kids, sex/relationship issues, and beauty/fashion.
  • Baby Center: An all-inclusive pregnancy/parenting website, covering all stages of getting pregnant, pregnancy, babycare, and childhood. Parents can also sign up for weekly emails that offer insights into milestones and behavioral issues for their child’s specific age, as well as parent polls and expert advice.
  • Diapers.com: One-stop shopping for moms, including (of course) diapers and wipes, formula, toys, clothes, and more
  • ProductiveParenting.com: Sign up here for daily emails with age-appropriate activities you can do with you child, with very little prep and materials we all have on hand.
  • Interested in making your own baby food? These mom-tested sites offer tasty and nutritious recipes!

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